About Me

We are now located at the Hardeeville Recreation Center, 285 John Smith Road, Hardeeville, SC 29927, Ph 843-227-4089. All classes will be paid at the Rec Center plus a small monthly membership fee.
My goal is to give you the best experience and to make a difference in your life. Whether you are getting a Qigong treatment, taking a Qigong class, or studying Martial Arts with me - the methods and experience that I provide will make a positive difference in your life. I will always do my best to try to understand your needs and tailor therapy and/or my class to best benefit you.

I am a graduate of Michael Lomax’s Institute of Chinese Energy Healing Certification Program and is his senior student. Michael acknowledges me as a Master Instructor of Qigong Classes and Clinical Qigong Therapy in Hardeeville. I have clients around the world that utilize my Energy Healing skills.

In Addition, I am certified through the National Qigong Association as a Level III Advanced Instructor and Level III advanced Clinical Practitioner.

I continue my education by attending and assisting at each of Michael Lomax’s High Level Qigong Stillness-Movement Seminars.

I have over 40 years of Martial Arts experience and currently hold a 8th Dan Black Belt In Okinawan Ryukyu Kempo (Grandmaster) and several years instruction in Small Circle Jujitsu ™ from the late Professor Wally Jay, plus excellent speed technique – in Hawaiian Kempo – all will be combined to teach you the ultimate in true Pressure Point fighting skills and small joint lock technique for a highly effective self defense that is second to none.

My Martial Arts Teachers have been some of the best in the world – I am Will Higginbotham 10th Dan’s – Ryukyu Kempo – Senior Student.

Plus I spent several years being trained by David Gonzalez 7th Dan – Hawaiian Kempo – West Coast Fighting Champion, Mr. Gonzalez received his 7th Dan from Mr. Ed Parker innovator of Hawaiian Kempo.

My pressure point study began with Mr. Higginbotham and Professor George Dillman – 10th Dan Ryukyu Kempo, Professor Dillman was instrumental in introducing pressure point strikes to a larger audience he studied with Hohan Soken and Seiyu Oyata to bring this information on Ryukyu Kempo to our Dojo.

I learned to incorporate grappling and small joint locks under the direction and study with Professor Wally Jay – Small Circle JuJitsu ™, Professor Jay is famous for many things including being known as Bruce Lee’s Jujitsu instructor.

I also studied use of the 18″ sticks for self-defense from one of the worlds most famous – Professor Remy Presas – Modern Arnis.

Lastly I have closely studied a private training DVD of Master Seiyu Oyata – 10th Dan Ryukyu Kempo (Te). I incorporate these movements and breakdowns into my teachings.

All of these teachings combined will make the self defense that you learn highly valuable and extremely effective in any situation.

Front and center – Brion Beller, 8th Dan Ryukyu Kempo. Back row – left to right – Will Higginbotham, 10th Dan Ryukyu Kempo; Professor Wally Jay, 10th Dan Small Circle Jujitsu ™, Professor George Dillman, 10th Dan Ryukyu Kempo, Professor Remy Presas, 10th Dan Modern Arnis.

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