Classes & Therapy


High Level Qigong Classes and Clinical Qigong Therapy in Bluffton, (Energy Healing) utilizing the Stillness-Movement System with Clinical techniques used in Baoding Chinese Qigong Hospital. The class will be low impact, highly Energetic, and have some stretching, last 1 and 1/2 hours. New students are always welcome – I mold the class to my students abilities plus there is an online learning platform with streaming videos available to assist in your learning. 

Qigong Class (Chi Kung Fu)

$60 per month, with discount for additional family members

This is our monthly rate for the Gift of the Tao Neigong Movement based and Stillness Movement Meditation Class. For those that are regular members I will 0ffer a special rate when we have an extended Saturday class where we will be working foundation and advanced Qigong. Qigong class is typically on Mondays and Wednesdays beginning at 6:00 pm and running until 7:30 pm. Beginners and intermediate students are all welcome to attend this class as I can easily blend any new students into class.

Special Saturday Qigong Class


This will be a special class where we will cover a great deal of Qigong. It will definitely be a “High Level” – Quantum Level experience. As many of you know we are often limited by time during the week as to how far we can go – so, on a Saturday class we will have the opportunity to explore further the Gift of the Tao Neigong series 1,2,3,4 as well as meditation. I will also open this class to those individuals that have come to seminars in the past and want to reconnect.

Ryukyu Kempo Class and Jujitsu

Through Brion’s 40+ years of Martial Arts experience, Qigong Classes and Clinical Qigong Therapy in Bluffton, Martial Arts – Ryukyu Kempo in Bluffton – you will gain exceptional confidence in your life. With traditional Okinawan Ryukyu Kempo we will study the kata’s that I outline in a handout and diligently work these kata’s. We will then look at practical application of the hidden meaning in every move in the Kata – utilizing Small Circle JuJitsu(tm) for grappling and effective strikes.

Ryukyu Kempo Class, Small Circle Jujitsu™

$95 per month with a discount for additional family members (includes qigong class)

This is a monthly rate for Ryukyu Kempo Class and your participation in Qigong Class (energetics and calmness very important aspect to the Martial Arts Class). The Kempo class is on Monday and Wednesday immediately following the Qigong class – approximately 7:30 pm – 9:00 pm. (Private lessons by arrangement)

Self Defense Class


An abbreviated version of the Ryukyu Kempo Class. Semi-private self-defense class using practical methods of defense that actually work. I would suggest enrolling in the Qigong class as this helps build an individuals Spirit and I can teach you how to project calmness and shield but you need the Qigong class to be able to do that.

Clinical Qigong - Complimentary Pain Relief

Clinical Qigong Sessions that can be done either in person or a distance session.

In Person Session - Complimentary Pain Relief


Qigong In Person Clinical Qigong Session – these can either be the Taoist Neuro-Energetic Therapy (similar to Acupressure only Qi is injected directly into the nerve synapses during therapy) or “Wai Qi Liao Fa” – Healing with external energy projection. Typically I combine both forms of Clinical Qigong and will do my best to address whatever issue you have bothering you.

Distance High Level Clinical Qigong Session


Distance High Level Clinical Qigong Session that can be used to address a number of issues – from Pain syndromes to other dis-eases. Or you can purchase a Distance Session for someone else – I can do a Distance Session for someone – even pets located anywhere in the world – just check with me and we can talk about your issue. As with all Clinical Qigong- the Distance Session also carries a Guarantee.

Pay for Qigong Therapy

Clinical Qigong Therapy - in person or "High Level Distance"


Clinical Qigong offers an Alternative Health solution to many items including various “Pain Syndromes”.  With a session at the Qigong studio you can get the Taoist Neuro-Energetic Therapy with Wai Qi Liao Fa – energy projections – or with a “Distance Session” you will receive a “High Level” session for your issue.

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