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Martial Arts

Clinical Qigong Therapy, Distance Therapy, and Taoist Neuro Treatment by appointment only.


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Martial Arts/Qigong Combo

*Plus a monthly Rec Center membership; All classes paid at the Rec Center; Up to 16 Qigong classes available each month.

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Low impact, very powerful movement neigong (internal-energy) and meditation from the Baoding Qigong Hospital based system of Stillness-Movement Neigong. When the energy channels in the body become blocked with stagnant qi, the result is illness, disease and pain. This highly energetic system will help open and release any blockages leading to improved health, calmness, less stress, less pain and improved vitality. 

Master Instructor Brion Beller is certified by the Institute of Chinese Energy Healing and the National Qigong Association as an Advanced Instructor and Advanced Clinical Practitioner. Brion is also the #1 student and assistant instructor to Grandmaster Michael Lomax.  

Martial Arts

Brion Beller is a 8th degree black belt in Ryukyu Kempo and Small Circle Jujitsu ™ with over 45 years of martial arts experience. In an increasingly violent world, Brion will teach you simple self-defense techniques to help you escape any volatile situation.

Brion is experienced in teaching how to short circuit the bodies energy system to effectively disable any attacker. Plus you’ll learn easy and highly effective Jujitsu joint locks, finger locks and wrist locks that will have any attacker at your mercy. 

Why take both classes?

There are energetic techniques in the qigong class that can aid in your self-defense as well as help you keep calm and utilize maximum power against any attacker.

Clinical Qigong - Complementary Pain Relief

Clinical Qigong Sessions that can be done either in person or a distance session. All sessions are $75.

In Person Session - Complementary Pain Relief

Qigong In Person Clinical Qigong Session – these can either be the Taoist Neuro-Energetic Therapy (similar to Acupressure only Qi is injected directly into the nerve synapses during therapy) or “Wai Qi Liao Fa” – healing with external energy projection. Typically I combine both forms of Clinical Qigong and will do my best to address whatever issue you have bothering you.

Taoist Neuro-Energetic Therapy

A highly specialized Neuro Technique that was taught to my teacher by Taoist Master and Osteopathic Neurosurgeon Dr. Vincent Graef. This High Level technique was once originally reserved for the Emperor and his family only. The Taoist Technique can address and offer relief to many diseases, pain syndromes, relief from the side effects of Chemo Therapy and other issues that your body may develop. Always guaranteed to make a difference or No Charge!

Distance High Level Clinical Qigong Session

Distance High Level Clinical Qigong Session that can be used to address a number of issues – from pain syndromes to other dis-eases. Or you can purchase a distance session for someone else – I can do a distance session for someone – even pets located anywhere in the world – just check with me and we can talk about your issue. As with all Clinical Qigong- the distance session also carries a guarantee.

Clinical Qigong offers an alternative health solution to many items including various “Pain Syndromes”.  With a session at the Qigong studio you can get the Taoist Neuro-Energetic Therapy with Wai Qi Liao Fa – energy projections – or with a “Distance Session” you will receive a “High Level” session for your issue.

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